Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ignoring you

I hate myself for liking someone that is not in my mind previously. (Did I just said I like him?)

It started with an initiative of our officemate to tease us. That doesn't annoy me because I have no feeling towards him and never thought of being with him. Reason?
1. a year younger than me
2. soft spoken
3. extremely shy guy

But then, the scandal started to spread within these 2 months and the best part he did showed some of the positive response which shall I say he started to like me? (this is my feeling)
1. get me a chair
2. staring at me (was told by my officemate)
3. ask for a photo with me (which I purposely take with others too)
4. ....
5. ....
6. ....

Damn, I started to like him. So, I whatsapp him and asked for an answer (am I too aggressive on this?) He said..
1. not ready yet
2. he cant accept anyone for the time being

OK. simple yet easy. I said to him, we stop being 'friends' as I don't like any uncertain relationship as it will go nowhere.

(my phone rang)
a call from him.
why is he calling me?
not because of I don't want to talk but my whatsapp mic is off. Haha.
and talk for 2 hours.
what is this? I thought its over and why are you talking to me on the phone for almost 2 hours for something personal?
I sense something that he is not ready to be in a relationship but prefer to be closed with someone.
up to him.

I never felt any frustration on the answer. I am seriously ok. but I dunno why I'm interested to know about him more.

Allah, please give me an answer for this. Keep me away from him if he is not the one and replace me for someone that is better than him. I just cant control my feelings.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Bila J bertemu K


"Baca doa dulu sebelum start perjalanan". Selesai...perjalanan kami ke utara bermula jam 8.00 pg dari Sentul. Suara 4 orang gadis memeriahkan suasana di dalam kereta. Bergossip dan berkaraoke..itulah rutin kebiasaan bagi gadis-gadis Malaysia ketika berjalan jauh.

Setelah 2 jam perjalanan, PANG!!!
Hanya beberapa kilometer untuk ke simpang Gopeng. Pelan asalnya ke Ipoh terus untuk food hunting terpaksa dilencongkan sedikit ke Balai Polis. 6 kereta berantai bertemu depan belakang di KM305. Terus ku susurkan kereta ku yang bernama J ke bahu jalan untuk mengelakkan kesesakan di lorong kanan. J sudah seperti sandwich. Depan J mencium K dan yang di belakang pula mencium J. J adalah yang ke 3 didalam 6 berantai.

Siapakah K di dalam cerita ini?

K adalah sebijik kereta warna putih berjenama Honda City yg bernombor plat WxxxxK. Sebab tu lah kami namakan dia K. Keluarlah owner nya yang tinggi dari kereta bersama mak dan abahnya dan adik perempuan nya.

"aduh, aku langgar orang office weyh". sebesar-besar Malaysia ni boleh pulak jumpa mamat ni kat tengah jalan. Ni orang panggil takdir ke suratan ke jodoh ke tragedi ke?

Depan J tak ada apa sangat cuma skirt belakang J je dah tersingkap sampai nampak ekzos nya yang dah terkeluar. Kami pun terpaksa tarik sedikit skirt nye untuk mengelakkan dari tersepit kat tayar dan rim. Selesai minor repair tepi jalan, kami meneruskan perjalanan ke Balai Polis untuk membuat laporan.

Selesai semuanya, kami membawa haluan masing-masing. K terus menuju ke Sungai Petani dan J menuju ke Gopeng dahulu sebelum ke Ipoh untuk meneruskan misi asal.

Adakah kisah J dan K berakhir disini atau akan berterusan di dalam episod lain seperti dalam novel-novel pengarang Melayu kini?

Yang Benar,
Owner of J

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ignore Me

...because nobody understand me
...because nobody can understand me
...because nobody wants to understand me

Monday, September 16, 2013

What I want in my life?

There's too many things I want in my life. Which shall I go with?
1. Continue my studies in MBA
2. Open my own business
3. Continue makan gaji

Org yg dah makan garam semua advise to keep on working and build network first then when have kids can think of quitting job. Baru lah kalau buat business leh sukses. Hihi. Ok la..mind set betulkan. I LOVE my job!

Suddenly feel like wanting to spend few years outside Malaysia. I wish I can do like that.

Pusing balik pusing balik pun kene fikir why we are here. Now. It's all written in our book of life. Thank you Allah for all the Nikmat u give to us. Alhamdulillah..

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Love Krabi. 4 days 3 nights trip.

The opening of our journey in Krabi. Serves you guys with the fresh and meaningful picture of Bamboo Island during our 2nd day in Krabi.

Day 1
Our journey started at 9.00 am from Malaysia. We parked our car at Putrajaya Sentral and off we go using ERL to Bandar Salak Tinggi and straight to LCCT with bus. It only cost us RM55 per person per trip.
We took off from LCCT to Krabi Airport at 1.15 pm and arrived at 1.45 pm (Krabi time). From airport, we took a van for 10 persons to Ao Nang Beach. See view below. Our staying place for 3 nights. I can rate the hotel around 3 star.

Around 4 pm we went out to look for a good package. 2nd and 3rd day in Krabi was full of fun activities. 2 full day activities + buffet lunch cost us 23,000 THB only. Cheap right.

Not to forget, the highlight when you are in Krabi. Pancake! It is located at the corner of shops lot. If you are from Ao Nang Princeville hotel, this stall located at the left.

Before we went off to sleep, we had our dinner at Lemon Restaurant. A halal restaurant. 21,000 THB only for 10 persons.

Day 2

Morning around 4.30am, the rain heavily pour down the Ao Nang beach. I was about to call the agent to change our activity for the day. Luckily, it went off slowly at 6am. By 7am, no drops of rain anymore and we are able to continue our activity as planned.

Phi phi Isand here we come!! 40 minutes journey from Ao Nang Beach to Bamboo Island. Yeah, we were given 1 hour to enjoy the beach in Bamboo Island. Nice view, and a great place to do sun bathing. Next island is the Maya Bay Island, Viking Cave, Monkey Bay, and more..seriously I can't remember all the islands.

The last island we went was for buffet lunch. You can have anything you want as it is halal. 2 hours rest at this island if im not mistaken. Here is our picture, voluntarily taken by Malaysians.

We decided to change place for our dinner. So, here we were at Bam Boo Restaurant. Just next to Lemon Restaurant. Burppp... 25,000 THB for 10 persons eat. Finished eating, we went jalan-jalan with Tuk Tuk. Only 20 THB per person.

Day 3

No more island activities. On the 3rd day we went for land activities.

- waterfall sight seeing
- 5km water rafting
- Buffet lunch
- ATV ride
- Elephant trekking
- Elephant show
- Fish spa

couldnt agree more with the water rafting. so much fun. i really enjoy. looking forward for more extreme activities. would ya?

Thats all the activities on the 3rd day. For dinner, we have at Chaba Thai as suggested from one of the blogger. Nice meal there. Again, we are so full. 10 person eating for 27,000 THB only.

Not to miss, we went for massage there. But seriously if u looking for a hard massage, go for classic thai or tradisional thai. aroma massage are too soft for me.

and..not to forget...this lovely yummy licious mango sticky rice. i wont forget this moment of eating it. =P

Day 4

Balik! Set up our mind to face office on the next day.

In total, we had spent a total of RM7,500 on our trip to Krabi. Per person approx RM750.

Air ticket = RM2,058
ERL + bus = RM110
White Sand Krabi Hotel = RM1,578
Airport Transfer = RM170
Pancake = RM50
Phi Phi Island = RM900
Water rafting + ATV + Elephant trekking = RM1,400
Tuk Tuk = RM90
Tips = RM20
Snacks + Breakfast = RM150
Dinner = RM900

Guys, if u need contact on all the activities and airport transfer, kindly drop your comment below. =P Have fun reading.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Unpost post

Too many things to share but less time to write.
We almost reached half of the year of 2013. Many things happen in my life. Will keep readers update with my journey of life in 2013.

Coming soon:
1. Way in India
2. Ho Chi Minh shoppers heaven
3. Beautiful villa in Cameron but...
4. Morib place to catch fish
5. Krabi next getaway

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lagu kesukaan ku

Kenapa setiap lagu yang aku suka pasti ada kena mengena denganku eh? ke sebab aku je yg terperasan. I still remembered last time when I decided not to go on with the relationship. I know I was bad at that time. Sorry la didnt meant to do it to you. Hope 0-0 la kan..

Last time memang suka gile lagu Knock U Down kot..something like that la..For me, I never went deep into the lyrics. But I'm more into the tone of the song. Aku pun post la lagu tu kat sini and suddenly one of my classmate tanye, why did u post this song? I said because I love the tone. She asked "got nothing to do with him a?". Seriously tak perasan. When I read back the lyrics, memang ade kene mengena pun. takpelah, cerita lama..yg penting I didnt mean it. Sorry.

Cerita yang tak sempurna
Apakah alasannya
Siapakah di hatinya...

Mungkin tidak seindah
Lafaz kata pujangga
Namun ku bersumpah...

Rela ku tunggu jawapanmu..
Masihkah ada aku dihatimu...
Saat ini...

Biar tubuhku kan terpaku...
Biar jasadku tak bernyawa lagi...

Masihkah aku ada
Dihatimu..saat ini

Best lagu ni..dari Drama Band. Dulu main nyanyi je..bila cuba search lirik macam terkena kat batang hidung sendiri yg penyek ni. haha..

Yupp, thats me..still waiting and keep on waiting..